Omar Yunes: Bagging Home a Prestigious Award

Omar Yunes is a Mexican businessman who owns 13 franchises of Sushi Itto, a Japanese restaurant chain. He owns almost 10% of all the total units of the brand, and he has been recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, awarded at a competition held in Florence, Italy last December 5. He was given the prestigious award because of his significant contribution to the growth of the brand. Omar Yunes started franchising at the age of 21, and from a single location, he managed to expand his franchises and it has grown today into 13 locations, operating in three key Mexican cities – Mexico City, Puebla, and Vera Cruz. Omar Yunes have expressed his gratitude towards the judges at the event who ultimately chose him to receive the award, but he added that he is dedicating the award that he received to all of his employees who are the real reason why his business became successful.


The event was attended by representatives from 34 different nations, and each participant is evaluated by a board of judges who is taking into consideration a number of criteria. These criteria involves how the franchise affects the brand as a whole, the influence they have, the contribution of knowledge, the amount of savings that they have produced, how the employees are treated, and the kind of business model that they have within their franchise. The organizers of the even have said that Omar Yunes won the highest score out of all the participants who joined, because of how he changed the way franchisers and franchisees are interacting with each other. Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer, Benjamin Cancelmo, thanked Omar Yunes for doing everything that he can in order for the brand to be successful.


The award that has been won by Omar Yunes would also yield positive effects for the Mexican food industry. It would open up many opportunities to Mexican franchisers, as globally known food brands are now thinking about opening up their own locations in the country. It would also help out the local economy because of the tremendous amount of profit that will be generated by franchising internationally known brands.

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