Lori Senecal Is Working To Raise Entrepreneurial Leaders For CP&B Global

The end of 2017 is fast approaching and as it does, the reign of CP&B Global CEO is also coming to an end. Lori Senecal has worked for the business since March of 2015. Her role within the company was to serve as president and CEO for the MDC Partners Network. She continues on in the role of CEO for CP&B.

The perfect role for Lori was the new role that the company took on. The agency has the needed flexibility and versatility that is needed for the entrepreneurial start. The co-founder and the chairman said of the position that Lori Senecal took in the company.

The main highlight that she will be remembered for while working at the agency is the acquisition of the American Airlines contract. She was able to snag the account away from the advertising agency of TM. Which has worked with the airline business for more than 25 years.

With the structure in place, Lori and Chuck Porter were coming up with a leadership team that is ready to make the important decisions about the business and that will lead the new teams to a level of success not previously reached.

According to Campaignlive, the transition for Lori was always to be in the position for a temporary period. She never wanted to join the team and continue pursing it. She always wanted to hand the teams over to someone else once the business picked up and once the business had proven to be successful once more.

The new teams being led by Lori Senecal started taking shape when Danielle Aldrich was recently placed in the position of president of CP&B West. She is over seeing the branches in Boulder as well as in Los Angeles. She previously served as just one of the two people that were in charge previously for Boulder. Lori was also credited for acquiring the account of Hershey’s during her reign.

Lori has worked hard to place entrepreneurs in positions that they are passionate about while they were starting to lead the 10 offices around the world. They learned early on that the regional leaders are better served when resources are shared across the board. Follow her on Twitter

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Visionary Sheldon Lavin and the Success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin, CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, was given the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World Academy of India and has also been called the man behind the success of the OSI Group. Much of the success of OSI Group, including its global expansion and high standards for meat vendors, is attributed to Lavin.

Starting in 1970, Lavin financed a company called Otto & Sons, which eventually grew into the OSI Group. Now with locations across 17 countries, OSI Group grew from a small food processing company to the successful leader of industry it is today. OSI Group has been recognized for its use of resources to do some good in its industry, exceeding the expectations of its customers through great innovation and creativity. It is now one of America’s top 100 Food Companies.

Owing so much success to its CEO, OSI Group has flourished under Lavin’s guidance and knowledge of the industry. He is also a positive force that has helped the company achieve awards for environmental and sustainable practices. A true man of the people, Lavin has worked his whole life to bring so much good to his industry, turning his company into a powerhouse of positive practices. His commitment to these practices and the well-being of his employees sets an example to leaders in any business.

He is dedicated to the OSI Group along with each and every person employed through them. Lavin believes that providing an encouraging climate of support within his company, where employees are pushed to reach their potential, he will continue to attract the best talent possible and continue his legacy. About Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

In addition to all of his responsible contributions with OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin strives to set an example to corporate leaders through his charitable causes. He is actively involved with the Ronald McDonald House, among other charities. Proving himself time and again to be a force for positive change in and out of the food industry, and a revolutionary in responsibility in his communities, he is in fact the Global Visionary for the company he has built and for the worldwide clients that it works with.

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Brazilian Jorge Moll Filho Driving Growth in the Country Health Sector

If there is one person who has been of great help to the Brazilian health sector is Jorge Moll Filho. Mr. Jorge Moll is changing everything from the medical guidelines and standards to the health care provision and he is using technology to achieve all of it. Moll is single handedly behind most of those state of the art equipment being used in the Brazilian health care. Not only does he invest his financial resources but also his time as well. Through the many lab research, Jorge Moll Filho has been able to explore in depth the medical world. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Currently Jorge Moll Filho lives with his family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mr. Jorge Moll Filho who is an established cardiologist started his entrepreneurial journey back in 1997. Back then he founded a diagnostic imaging company where he would offer top notch services to his clients. With the advancement in technology, Jorge Moll Filho went to equip his company growing it into one of the largest specialized laboratory operators in the entire Brazil country.

Jorge Moll Filho’s Rede D’Or has an investment in more than twenty four hospitals with over 4,000 beds in the entire Brazil. Currently Mr. Jorge Moll Filho owns at least 78 percent of the hospital. He was able to step down from the CEO’s position of the hospital in 2013 consequently assuming the chairman position in the board.

Visit: https://pt-br.facebook.com/public/Jorge-Moll

About Jorge Moll Filho

Jorge Moll Filho is a man who needs no introduction when it comes to the Brazilian health industry. As the president and founder of D’OR, Jorge Moll has been very instrumental when it comes to research and development of the industry. His role has been centered on patient’s management and treatment through the use of technology. With the help of other stakeholders he has been able ease on the patient management process through the use of software integration thus allowing doctors to concentrate on their practice hence guaranteeing quality services.

Thanks to the service of individuals such as Jorge Moll Filho the Brazilian health sector is a boom. Their valuable contributions in terms of resources and competence are a big boost to all. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

Bringing Back Cassio Audi’s Music Legacy

Cassio Audi is one of the respected investment managers in Brazil. The successful finance expert has surprisingly unique talent: music. His early teenage years are dotted with a promising career in the industry. Here is look of his life as songwriter and drummer.

A teenage musician

Cassio Audi’s love for music began at a tender age. As soon as he reached teenage years he began to exploit e his talents in music. Together with four other Brazilian teenagers, he formed a boy’s band name the Vipers. Cassio and his friends specialized in the metallic rock. It was the trending genre of those days. Even more, they were the pioneers of Metal rock in the South American Nation. Read more about Cassio Audi at 12social.com.br.

Musical Expertise

Though they were only youths, Cassio Audi and his friends exhibited a high level of organization and harmony. Each person had a role to play. While the others took the guitars and vocals Cassio Audi took to songwriting and drums. He wrote and gave beats to most of the band’s initial songs.

Demo album

Initially, the boys enjoyed the thrill of doing performances and exploiting their raw talent. For years they neverthought of commercializing their songs. However, late in the 80s, Cassio and his friends decided to do a demo album launch in the city of Sao Paulo. The resulting turn out motivated themto produce an actual album the following year. Read more at comhaha.com about Cassio Audi.

Debut Album

A year after their mock trial, the Vipers put together an album called the Sunrise Soldiers. The album contained a number of Cassio’s own compositions. It remained on top of the charts for nearly a decade and has been reproduced more than four times. Songs such as the Nightmares, Knights of destruction and Soldiers of sunrise still resonate with rock music lovers all over the world.

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Desiree Perez a Shrewd Entrepreneur and a Terrific Negotiator

One of the most lucrative deals entered in 2008 between Jay Z, and Live Nation is coming to an end. The deal which was a ten-year deal saw Jay Z pocket a cool 150 million dollars. The deal is set to expire in 2018 and could trigger a buy-sell agreement between the two players meaning that one faction could decide to sell its stake to Roc Nation or entirely buy the company outright.

According to sources that are privy to some information concerning new developments in the industry states that Live Nation wants to continue with the deal but only on the touring side not on the recorded music side. From an insider source, the deal is between Jay Z and Live Nation is not going to be extended since Live Nation is not in the business of buying recorded music anymore however they intend to continue with the productive touring relationship with Jay-Z.

Jay Z was seen in the company of Roc Nation Executive Director Desiree Perez in a meeting at Universal Music Group offices that was also attended by UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. The meeting sparkled speculations that there could be a deal entered between Roc Nation  Universal Music Group. Already Roc Nation and UMG have a distribution deal.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a force to reckon with in the music industry. She is popularly known for possessing excellent negotiations skills and as a result has been able to help several artistes achieve success in the music industry. One of the artists that has greatly benefited from Perez business and management skills is Sean Carter also known by the stage name Jay-Z. The two have had a good working relationship for years, and in those many years, Perez has helped Jay-Z secure major deals with big multinationals companies. Perez has also worked with other top celebrities in the music industry and among them is Rihanna with whom she helped secure a major deal amounting to millions of shillings with Samsung.

Contribution of Securus Technologies to Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a modern and the leading provider of various criminal and civil justice using technology solutions. We aim at providing solutions through investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Our firm is located in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3, 400 corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety. We have more than 1, 200 000 inmates in various parts of North America. As a firm, we are committed to connecting and serving people by offering emergency response, communication, incident management, in-mate self-service and much more.


Our company is driven by facility customer comments to maximize the use of technology in preventing and solving crimes which include inmate to inmate crimes. One of the facility customers narrates how we have assisted in monitoring and containing calls of inmates regarding drug selling, alcohol use and access to the cellular device, suspicious conversation and illegal transfer of money.


Another facility customer narrated out how information that we monitored and contained has helped in obtaining a search warrant to arrest a corrupt staff. The customer passed a lot of appreciation to our company for the excellent work done. Another facility customer also provides recognition to Securus Technologies for the provision of working technology solutions. We as a firm strived to revolutionize the crime prevention industry and helping people to improve public safety in their areas of jurisdiction. We have an open invitation to other facility and competitive customers to visit our headquarters in Dallas and provide additional ways of solving and preventing crimes.


Jason Hope, Technology and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a respected entrepreneur who is part of the technology universe. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s a lot more than just a focused enterpriser as well. Hope frequently refers to himself as being an investor, philanthropist and futurist, too. This is a person who has a rock solid commitment to technology. This is also a person who has an enthusiasm for doing great things for the people that are around him. Volunteer work is something that’s close to Hope’s heart.

Hope lives in Arizona at the moment, and it’s nothing new to him. He actually came from the Grand Canyon State. He was reared in city of Tempe. He studied finance at Arizona State University. He got a degree in the subject, too. He also went to the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. That’s where he earned his MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Hope spends considerable amount of time thinking about all of his business efforts. He spends an equal amount of time focusing on all of his philanthropic goals. He’s even more balanced, though. That’s because Hope is also someone who has a strong zeal for all kinds of political matters.

This entrepreneur is an avid writer who has contributed to many trusted publications throughout the years. He regularly pens pieces for a website that’s known as Business2Community.com. These pieces delve into pertinent topics such as the Internet of Things. Other popular sites that Hope writes for are Tech.co and Medium.com. His articles cover a broad range of topics. He routinely writes about the future of the Internet of Things. He frequently writes about high and low-impact hacks. He knows so much about the Internet of Things of potential security dangers. He can talk for ages about topics like marketing and the Internet of Things.

Hope is a person who wants to make a positive change in this world. He, because of that, spends a lot of time thinking about all facets that involve technology, science, health and education. Hope is a businesswoman who wants to make sure that all children everywhere get access to top quality educational opportunities. He is a person who wants to make sure that people everywhere all get access to A+ healthcare, too.

Hope has numerous different areas of expertise. He’s an expert in entrepreneurship, startup organizations, SaaS (software as a service), business development and business strategizing. He’s always learning.

For details: jasonhope.com/technology/

Meet the Outstanding Surgeon, Jennifer Walden

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based in Texas, United States. She is a Board Certified Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jenner is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States. Walden is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the first female to be a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Jenner Walden interest in Medicine, especially in the field of surgery, started while she was still young. She attended Texas University at Austin where she graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Biology. She then joined the Texas Medical Branch for Medical Doctorate in Plastic Surgery and graduated with the highest honors. Her excellent performance earned her a fellowship in Aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She was elected the president the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

Jenner’s career life started soon after she graduated from the medical school. She practiced as a plastic surgeon at the Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat for eight years in New York. She then started practicing surgery under Sherrell Aston, her mentor who had over 30 years’ experience in the field of surgery. Jenner later on practiced as a Cosmetic Plastic surgeon and Associate at the Aston Plastic Surgery for approximately seven years. She is currently a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. She is the medical director and owner of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center where she carries private practice.

Jenner specializes in numerous procedures in her practice as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is focused on improving the appearance while plastic surgery concentrates on repairing defects to reconstruct normal appearances of a patient. Jenner specializes in breast enhancement and skin rejuvenation.

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Fabletics Continues to Revolutionize Activewear Under Don Ressler’s Leadership

In most cases, women are stuck between two choices when it comes to choosing the perfect athletic attire. It is evident that the woman’s sports clothing market has had a huge gap between functionality and fashion for many years. Don Ressler and Adam noticed the trend that there was a high consumption of activewear in the whole of 2010.

Don Ressler and Adam noticed that the demand for women’s athletic wear was not going to slow down anytime soon, the two decided to establish Fabletics. The primary mission of Fabletics is creating a beautiful activewear that is fashionable, functional and affordable. By combining their skills, Don Ressler and Adam managed to craft a revolutionary vision for women’s activewear. Rather than concentrating on what the current market trends displayed, they opted to focus on what women needed. With the help of customer test and focus organizations, they found out that the greatest issues plaguing women in the sports attire world were consistent all over.

The sportswear available in the market were garish, costly and were ill-fitting in most cases. On top of that, the quality of those outfits was terrible and uncomfortable as well. However, Don Ressler and Adam worked together with Kate Hudson as the face of Fabletics and this change everything. The only problem in the sportswear industry is that branding is relatively ubiquitous and not all companies can target women to their brands. Nevertheless, the actress Kate Hudson proved to be an active, assertive and appealing face. Note that Don Ressler Worked through numerous glitches, comprising financing issues in the initial stages of the firm. However, he managed to sail through one of the biggest adversaries of comfortable sports attire – complexity.

Making a pair of functional and fashionable sports pants was not a small task; it was something that manufacturers wouldn’t make so readily. With the help of Don Ressler’ focus and determination, and also his vast experience in the fashion industry, he and his crew strived to advance the clothing to the point where it was comfortable and high in quality.

One of the things that differentiated Fabletics from other brands was the fact that it enjoyed a strong online presence and impeccable grassroots appeal. With the help of Kate Hudson’s attractiveness and convectional expertise, they managed to sufficiently market the brand online, eschewing the traditional way of marketing. The company also developed a discount pricing system to increase the sales.

Don Reseller and Adam Goldenberg Are Doing New and Amazing Things With Fashion

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler no doubt have the potential to go far in the business world. The two are the founders of the Techstyle fashion group. The company includes beauty accessories and membership-based clothing. The two founders knew so little about fashion when they were just starting up the business. However, they had a high drive to succeed. They also had the awareness to what consumers wanted.

Adam joined the business world at a young age of 15 years. He started his first company called gamers Alliance. The company dealt with advertising and network, and it was suitable for gaming websites. In 1999, Goldenberg sold the company to Intermix media. He later dropped out of school and became the president of strategic planning for Intermix. By age 20, Goldenberg was already riding high on the career ladder; he was Intermix’s chief operating officer.

Don Ressler also similarly joined the team. He had a website, fitnessheaven.com that he sold to Intermix in 2011. While working at Intermix, Goldenberg and Ressler became good friends. Their friendship grew, and they started an e-commerce company in 2006. The company was called intelligent beauty. They did not stop there as they continued to develop other successful brands. They started thinking of ways to create online shopping platform. Armed with the only slight knowledge of what was trendy and the clothing that was in high demand, they decided to go ahead and a start a fashion store.

The first company that Goldenberg and Ressler had was JustFab. The company was membership-based, and it allowed members to get personalized athletic clothing every month. The company demonstrated ways to mix and match different fashion pieces. JustFab got its funding from Matrix partners. JustFab got rebranded to Techstyle in 2016. Techstyle stands out from the rest because the company committed to social responsibility. The company does not only focus on making money but also in becoming a successful corporation. The clothing brand makes women feel confident on how they look even when they are in the gym. Techstyle has always been involved in community development. They have participated in charity events, beautifying community gardens. One of the charity events they participated in is the Cinderella project which donates gowns to low-income students who have a hard time attending their proms. Goldenberg and Ressler have great potential to succeed. However, they will continue to focus the Techstyle company.