Rocketship Education Rises Above Criticism to Continue with Its Mission to Eliminate the Achievement Gap

Rocketship Education is a U.S. charter school network which looks to eliminate the achievement gap across the country using contemporary teaching methods striking a balance between technology use and teacher-led activities. Rocketship Education has received its fair share of criticism just like any other charter school networks.

The non-profit charter network has put more than 18,000 children from across the country through its education system. The use of technology savvy methods to educate children is at the core of its mission. It envisions a country without the achievement gap. Rocketship Network recognizes that as it strives for excellence, it might fall short of some things but what is important is learning from the shortcomings. Additionally, the best form of education is a continuous and complex conversation.

In 2016, NPR published an article authored by its blogger known as Anya Kamenetz painting Rocketship Education as a technology-focused, test-score-fixated educational system which has strict disciplinary guidelines that inhibits student development. Rocketship Education’s fraternity came out to defend the schools regarding the comments as misused or misinterpreted. While the article was breathe-taking, it was narrow and unbalanced.

The overall tone of the NPR writer’s piece was negative. However, it has been found necessary for the issues brought up by the piece to be addressed focusing on a larger educational context. It is important to strike a balance between teacher instruction time and screen time in the 21st century classroom. Technology has advanced rapidly and educators as well as parents should embrace it in the education system heading more into the digital realm.

The Rocketship Education management questioned, if at all the allegations held ground, how comes there are no parents leaving the charter school network? How comes parents keeps recommending the schools to their friends and relatives? How comes the students they have educated excel in higher educational levels?

Rocketship Education strives to have the best classroom management in place to be able to control classrooms in a healthy way. It important for children to receive the best education and care possible. Classroom management issues are neither unique to Rocketship Education. They are experienced throughout the broader educational system. These are issues that should be dealt with by the educational community as a whole rather than Rocketship Education only.

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