Sam Boraie involvement in real estate industry

Sam Boraie is currently the Vice President of Boraie Development which is a family business. It is a family business because his father, Omar, was the founder of Boraie Development LLC. According to Bloomberg, the firm is a real estate development firm that had overseen the creation of multiple projects in New Jersey and New Brunswick. Apart from the enterprise being a pillar of the New Brunswick community, it has expanded its services in Atlantic City and Newark. Together with Shaquille O’Neal, a basketball star, the two have worked together to bring a new residential building at O’Neal’s hometown, Newark.

The building is the first high-rise residential building amounting to nearly sixty million dollars. The building is estimated to bring people together through being rented, once it is completed. When O’Neal wanted to give back to his Newark community, Boraie development was there and willing to assist him in his aspiration while being a great investment for the enterprise. In addition to the rental complex, the community in Newark received a new movie theater, market rate housing and a retail development because of the partnership created.

Sam has mostly dedicated a lot of his time in the family business, but this has not made him forget his community. He is involved in various charitable causes and charitable organization. Being involved in these activities is similar to giving back to the community something he highly desires. Mr. Boraie is highly interested in State Theatre of New Jersey and due to this; he sits as one of the Board of Trustees member among other prominent business men. The State Theater is a local cultural phenomenon putting various productions in New Jersey and New Brunswick. The theater is seen to primarily relying on charitable donations that mostly come from Sam Boraie and the Boraie development company.

One of the charities Sam Boraie involves himself is Elijah’s Promise. The organization is determined at breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger in communities all over New Jersey. It aims at providing safe and healthy food, ending hunger, empowering people to sustain satisfactory employment and creating businesses that encourage social benefits. Mr. Boraie sits on the organization’s Board of Directors ( and involves himself in planning future goals. He enjoys helping people who have been neglected by the society.

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