Sheldon Lavin has led OSI Group to International Stature

OSI Group has more than 20,00o employees basing on its vast operations in the global market. According to the recent news, this company, led by Sheldon Lavin, has earned more than $6.1 billion in the last financial report. The operation and the number of employees plus the total income this company generates, it has, therefore, become one of the leading food companies in the region and the leading protein processing company globally.

The story of the OSI group

The old man, Otto Kolschowsky, a man who sailed alone from Germany to the United States, began this meat company in 1909. It was a family-owned business by then, but with time it gained reputation and started to supply meat to extensive holdings like the McDonald hotel and restaurant. It has now grown to a large food processing firm because of the management skills of Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin was dealing in financial management by the time Otto, who was now solely managing it went to seek for financial assistance. The manager gave them the advice to take Sheldon Lavin as a financial advisor.

The old man called him, but he declined for the first time. He later accepted the call. He served in the financial and management department, but the son who was leading the company surrendered the administration to him. When Sheldon took charge of this company, great things have happened. It has grown to the international level; it has also increased its employees to about 20,000 personnel. Currently, it is working adding more services to its migrant of activities. It deals in whole and retail fish products, poultry products, vegetables, beef, pork and variety of products. It also sells pizza.

The excellent management skills of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon has had optional management skills that can’t go unnoticed. The Indian world vision Academy, for example, honored him for having led OSI Group from a small scale firm to an international company. This is not the first time he is receiving such a visionary award, the previous years; other institutions also accosted him for the excellent work he has done as a successful leader of this international firm.

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