Stellar Co-Founder, Jed McCaleb Makes Bold Prediction for near Future

Jed McCaleb is the man behind Stellar, a blockchain company that provides their technology to financial organizations, enabling them to make cheaper, more secure international transactions.


Stellar uses its blockchain technology to connect financial institutions to each other in cheaper ways than previous method. Stellar is already operational in countries all over the world. Stellar assists in providing financial services that were not previously available.


McCaleb has been involved in the tech world for years and has worked on much more than just blockchain. He was also behind the innovative thinking involved in Mt. Gox, eDonkey and Overnet. The choices made during his career have made him one of the most revered names in the entire tech industry; when Jed McCaleb talks, people listen.


McCaleb recently made a prediction that, if true, would mean drastic changes for both the financial industry and the blockchain industry. McCaleb announced that he believed one day soon, one network will financially connect the entire world. McCaleb went on to expand on his prediction by saying that even stocks will someday be traded completely through cryptocurrency technology.


In order for a crypto-company to be successful at such a scale, it must first meet a few prerequisites. The company must be able to exchange any type of currency for a different type of currency. The company must also of course be a safe, secure payment method. Blockchain describes the process of storing public records on hundreds of different machines, making it impossible for criminals to alter the records in any way.


At the moment, most blockchain companies are focusing on untapped markets. Some blockchain companies are fraudulent as well. The increase in fraudulent companies is due to the ever growing popularity of the blockchain industry. When the trendy industry dies down a bit, one legitimate company will be given a path towards global success.


One such company, Securrency, already offers a way for investors to invest in stocks via crypcurrencies.

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