Sunday Riley Is Hands On With Her Cosmetic Line

Sunday Riley is no secret to the world of social media. The brand is being praised all over the internet. Even though the world may be in love with the beauty brand, there is a lot more to know about the woman behind it all. Sunday Riley herself completed an interview with The Cut right before her Manhattan pop-up store appeared. She explained why she feels Good Genes has become so popular, and how she came up with the new foundation for the brand.

The Missing Link

Sunday Riley launched her makeup brand in 2009, and at the time, she felt that green technology was missing. Makeup did not have the balance of both botanicals and scientific active ingredients. Sunday Riley says she wants to live a long time while looking young, but that requires active ingredients. She says she enjoys other ingredients such as botanicals, but the right mix was not available.

Learning By Trial And Error

Sunday Riley says a lot of what she knows about cosmetic formulas she learned with experience. Each day she learns, and she tries to update her knowledge with every product she makes. She has learned about five new methods for this new foundation alone. She says now she focuses on the ingredients as an art form instead of a chemistry experiment. She looks at what is being created, the goal for the texture, the scent, and the overall 360 experience.

Taking Pride In Her Creations

Sunday Riley is proud of all of her products and if ever she loses her pride in one, then she removes the product from the lineup. She was asked before how many of her original products are still in the line. The answer is one. All the other products were cut. If she feels she can improve a product, she will start over. She spends lots of time on her products to make them just right.

Managing All The Products

When it comes to being proud of Good Genes, Sunday Riley says she’s proud to have it in their lineup, but she’s careful not to call it her favorite. She see’s her products as her babies. She tries to keep from being emotional about them because she will drop them if they don’t perform well. Good Genes is one of the hardest products she has ever made. She made the formula and she made it available in 20 shades.


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