T.I And Jeezy Event Ends In Gun Fire

It looks like two people were shot in a T.I. and Jeezy event on Saturday night after shots were heard inside Label which is a Charlotte nightclub.

Both people were rushed to the hospital immediately according to the police and USA Today. It appears that one of the two victims who got shot left the club and drove themselves to the hospital while the other person had to be picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital’s ER.

Both victims are in non life threatening situations and will live to tell the tale, Jaime Garcia Dias says but there is no telling if any consequences will fall back on T.I. and Jeezy and all the other people who were related in organizing the event and the necessary security to keep the place safe.

Neither victims wanted their names released to the media for personal reasons, but many amateur videos were taken by witnesses and posted online that shows a whole lot of commotion after the victims were shot.

According to both rapper’s representatives, neither them nor anyone in their party has been harmed in any way. Diddy was supposed to make an appearance but couldn’t. All employees at the club are cooperating with the law enforcement and have revealed already a lot of information that will help in capturing the culprits.

We are just happy that no one got fatally injured at an event promoting peace and growth.

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