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OSI Group Spain Upgrades To Meet Extraordinary Demand

The people of the Iberian Peninsula have a growing taste for chicken. José María del Río, manager of OSI Group Food Solutions in Spain, José María said demand for chicken in both Portugal and Spain has been growing at a 6% clip for a decade. The last three years have witnessed an 8% climb. To meet that demand, the OSI Group expanded its Toledo food facility to double the amount of chicken processed annually. Before plant upgrades were completed, the location produced 12,000 tons of chicken each year. Now it is 24,000 tons. The Toledo plant also handles beef and pork. In all, the facility cranks out an impressive 45,000 tons of product annually. The plant expansion also means more local jobs.

Twenty people were added to a payroll of 120. More hiring is likely in the future. OSI Group is an American company with world headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It’s origins go all the way back to 1909 when a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, set up a one-man meat cutting and retail operation in west Chicago. Hard work, a savvy mind for business and a customer-oriented philosophy caused his humble operation to thrive. Today, OSI is among the largest meat processing companies in the world. It maintains about 70 facilities in 17 countries. Forbes recently named OSI Group at No. 58 on its list of largest privately-owned American businesses. The company reports annual income north of $6 billion.

A remarkable aspect of the plant upgrades in Toledo, Spain, are the improvements in sustainable operation that were incorporated into the new design. Environmentally sound practices are a core principle for OSI. Even though the Toledo plant is now larger and producing more, it still managed to cut it energy consumption by 20 percent. That’s why the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund contributed financially to the facility upgrades. Furthermore, OSI Group Toledo was given an award by the local Chamber of Commerce for adding more jobs to the regional economy. OSI is led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. Both men have been with the company for multiple decades. Click here.

The Growth of Agera Energy into A Multi-Location Firm

Agera Energy is a New York-based natural gas supplier and electricity supplier. Since 2014 when the company was established, Agera Energy has acquired several retail energy supply companies and has expanded its services beyond New York. Agera runs multiple locations and serves homes and businesses all over the United States.

The growth of Agera Energy

Agera Energy says that buying a single large retail energy supply company. Through this company, Agera was able to serve its very first clients. The quality of the services provided by Agera including the best customer service led to the acquisition of numerous clients.

The most attractive feature about Agera energy is the cheap rates that it offers to clients. Despite the energy industry being crowded and very competitive, the one thing that most companies have failed to offer is cost effective energy solutions. This is what Agera Offers. Also, Agera Energy also provides its clients with efficiency services.