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Dr. Eric Forsthoeful is an emergency room doctor in Florida. In 2009, he attended medical school at the University of Louisville. In 2012, he attended Louisiana State University, where he completed his emergency medicine residency. He has been certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine with two medical licenses, one in Louisiana and one in Florida, where he resides and works. He is a highly experienced emergency room physician and takes care of many patients with severe illnesses, traumas, fractures, cardiac ailments, etc.

In an article about emergency rooms, it portrays how emergency rooms aren’t being used for emergencies; therefore, is becoming a major healthcare problem. An eye-opening survey showed how one-third of emergency room patients have non-urgent conditions. This has been an increasing trend for thirty years, according to a report by the American Journal of Managed Care. Dr. Forsthoeful says the state of Florida is no different. He explained some of the issues as to why this is happening:

  1. Lack of primary care medicine.
  2. Want instant care, don’t want appointments, don’t want to wait for days to

see a doctor.

  1. Like the convenience and want to avoid a primary care provider connection.
  2. Younger patients and African Americans frequent emergency rooms more often.
  3. Medicaid patients three times more likely to use an emergency room.

Dr. Forsthoeful explains that even though many patients aren’t emergencies, each patient is taken care of by physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff and given a bed, no matter what. He said it is stressful for emergency room staff, because the critically ill patients need continuous monitoring. It is difficult, and a major undertaking for the staff to be stretched so thin. They have to work harder to maintain an efficient work environment.

Many understand the problems associated with access to healthcare, and those who are working on emergency room problems think if copays and/or deductibles could be changed, patients would not be as likely to go to emergency rooms for basic illnesses. Some insurance companies don’t pay for non-urgent care anymore, but many physicians in emergency rooms don’t approve, because it can be difficult to determine whether an issue is an emergency or not. Doctors don’t like this policy because patients could die if they don’t receive the treatment they need, if it is a true emergency. Some signs of a medical problem may not be critical, but until it’s checked out, the doctor doesn’t know for certain.

Dr. Eric Forsthoeful is working on possible solutions by working with others, conducting surveys and collecting data to determine effective ways to reduce visits. They know there is not an easy solution but have determined that making primary care more convenient, and finding other alternatives for patients, are the best ways to solve the ever-increasing non-urgent visits. They hope that eventually they will see a decrease so emergency room staff can be more efficient and focus on the critically ill patients.


Dr. Mark Mofid Develops Innovative New Product, Making Plastic Surgery Safer

La Jolla based plastic surgeon Mark Mofid is taking an innovative approach to such popular procedures as gluteal augmentation. Frequently patients request weightier implants than should be recommended. Instead of just going along with a patient that is willing to pay more despite the risk, Dr Mark Mofid always takes his patients safety first. Dr. Mark Mofid has been diligently working to improve his surgical technique for these types of procedures for over 8 years. He has been investing his own money to develop a more progressive and safe product for gluteal augmentation .

Dr. Mark has made it his personal mission to make improvements this particular surgical procedure. He has worked tirelessly towards making significant improvements through extensive research,investing his own money into developing a better, more inclusive product. A superior implant that is better designed to work with muscle structure. His new product boasts less likelihood for rejection by the body and is created to be resilient to sagging. These are Key issues that have been problematic for gluteal augmentation procedures for many years.

Dr. Mark Mofid showed great promise even as an undergraduate student. He first distinguished himself by graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University. He than trained in general and plastic surgery at illustrious The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received his medical degree after completing his advanced craniofacial research fellowship, and is a clinical faculty member at the University of California.

He credits much of his advanced technical and artistic skill in aesthetic surgery to his extensive work with Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Brazil is well known as the global leader in advanced gluteal augmentation. America is quickly catching up however, as the demand for gluteal augmentation operations continues to grow in popularity and demand.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been described as a pioneer in the art of gluteal augmentation. Both colleagues and peers alike have received his new implant with rave reviews. The latest Superior product on the market has improved ratios, has been tested with superior intramuscular positioning, and has a seamless natural look. A much improved product, when compared to the outdated implant used previously.

The future looks bright for innovative surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid. His dedication to finding a safer solution to outdated products and techniques in the indusrty has distinguished him as an inventor in his own right. Far beyond his years and medical training.