The Exemplary Music Journey of Cassio Audi

This Brazilian investment manager is a talented musician, something that may be unknown to many. Before concentration on business and investment, Cassio and his band were doing great in music, and it was unexpected that he would quit music given that he is highly gifted.

How was Audi’s 4 years in Music?

One of the greatest skills that have allowed Cassio soar high in his career is his dedication and possession of excellent leadership skills. These leadership skills seems inborn given that he was able to offer leadership that would lead to a band that would release two albums before quitting for the finance world.
The group was made of five talented people namely Yves Passarel, Pit Passarell, Cassio Audi, Andre Machado, and Felipe Machado. This great team was organized such that each individual was positioned to take part in the area they excelled most. For Cassio, he was always in the drum sets something he did enthusiastically with all his strength.

The Viper Rock Band as they would call it started in 1985 with a sole purpose of producing quality music and allowing people to enjoy listening and watching them sing. Their major motivation and inspiration were Iron Maiden and British heavy metal musicians. That provided Viper Rock Band the enthusiasm they required to remain motivated in their career

Milestones Realized in Cassio’s Time

Being a new group with the growing challenges, it became apparent for them to have a demo before doing their first release. The demo allowed the band an opportunity to make adjustments on the tunings and songs. They named the demo The Killer Sword with specific tracks namely the Prince from Hell, Nightmare, and The Killer.

After this, a few adjustments were made, and in 1987 Viper Rock Band released their first album called The Soldier of Sunrise. Apparently, despite the challenges, the team received a four-star rating from Allmusic. Two years later, the group released the second album and as usual Audi was positioned at the drum sets.

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