The Origins of Block Chain Technology and Creator Serge Belamant

It is often said that tech entrepreneurs come in a variety of shape and sizes. Some will invest in an idea; others will simply create invest in creating and investing their own technology. Then there are those who form what is called “disruptive technology,” an innovation that changes how things are done. Serge Belamant is one of those individuals who have taken technology to the next level via blockchain technology. Serge Belamant’s eagerness to create and help has provided a tremendous amount of good all over the world.

So, Who is Serge Belamant?

Although born in France, Serge Belamant would go on to live most of his teenage life in South Africa. As a top student, Mr.Belamant was quickly admitted to the Witwatersrand University as well as the University of South Africa. It was during these academic years that Mr.Belamant quickly became interested in the areas of disruptive technology while studying engineering, computer science, and information systems. Like many successful geniuses of our time, Mr.Belamant never completed his studies. Instead, he doubled down on his focus on these technologies, and this created one of the most revered careers seen today.

The Journey to Invent Disruptive Technology

Serge Belamant first reported having success with this type of technology while he was working at Control data. During his time at Control Data, Mr.Belamant was assigned to a special team which closely worked on debugging coding and other scientific packages. It was not until he began working with linear programming and structural engineering that Mr.Belamnt noticed severe privacy issues with transactions going through the network. It was at this moment that Mr.Belamant knew that he needed to come up with a system that allowed transactions to be traceable, and unchangeable as well as secured from outside eyes. It was this moment that allowed him to pursue his creative idea to make this possible and thus led to the first components of blockchain technology.

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