The OSI Group and David McDonald’s Secrets to Success

The OSI Group started its business with McDonald’s when Ray Kroc hand picked them to be the fast food giant’s supplier of meat. Obviously satisfied with their work, McDonald’s decided to use the food processing company when they decided to expand into China over 20 years ago. David McDonald, the COO of OSI decided to take it a step further and use the company to supply over 113 tons of food for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. David McDonald decided to sit down for an interview to explain why his company is so successful.

David McDonald says that the greatest explanation to his company’s success in China always focusing on what the local crowd wants. Although OSI Group is a Western based company, it is important for them to not overstep what they want with what the locals need. Although the food industry has been the center of much criticism lately, David McDonald thinks that the best way to know if the food they serve is the best is to closely monitor the chain of command so to speak. He also thinks that it would be in the best interest of the company is to always think that the government agencies have the best interest in mind. While we are quick in the Western world to criticize other food safety standards that are not up to par with our own, the other country may not know what to do. This also goes back to when McDonald said about expanding into different countries. Something that the FDA would frown upon in the United States could be perfectly fine for people of other countries, especially in developing lands. When Western businesses learn not to overstep their boundaries in foreign countries, it helps to build trust. Building trust is important according to David McDonald, because it allows you to open up more business opportunities not only for your company, but for others as well.


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