The Passion of Heather Parry

Heather Parry, President of Live Nation, has risen in prominence due to producing one of the biggest box office hits of 2018: A Star is Born.

This movie starred Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Heather Parry got involved in the production by knowing Cooper. She heard he was doing this movie and called Cooper’s agent named Dave Bugliari. She asked if her production company could get involved with this new movie. She told him about all the venues, festivals, concert tours and the other assets that her company.. They could help them market this movie. She then talked to Cooper. After talking to Cooper, she happened to be going to a dinner party at a house that belonged to Bill Gerber, one of the producers of this movie. She pitched him at this dinner party as well as at a meeting. She was able eventually able to win him over.

Parry has said that in te that artists come to her about filming a concert or a story about their lives and if these artists are passionate about their film project, she will do what it takes to get their project.

How she got A Star Is Born project shows how aggressive she can be to get a project done.

Heather Parry is not just known for being passionate. She is also known for being a multi-tasker. While she was celebrating her birthday in January of 2016, she still did business and talked to Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and an actor like his father, about doing a documentary about Eagles doing a concert in Paris after the terrorist attack in 2015. Colin thought it was inappropriate to talk business during a birthday part and promised to call her on a Monday to discuss the project. He did call and they soon left for Paris to get the project going.

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