The Spectacular Growth of OSI Food Solutions

Many factors influence the growth of a corporation. For starters, there is the presence of quality products and services which means there will be a higher client retention rate. Additionally, there is good leadership. Since OSI Food Solutions is the specific company under the limelight, it is good to note that the company has been under the guidance of visionary individuals. For starters, there was Otto Kolschowsky. He was not only a visionary, but he was also passionate and determined to succeed in all his ventures.

An Overview of OSI Food Solutions

The food processing company usually deals with meat products. At the moment, the company has offered employment to over 20,000 people in more than 17 countries. To make sure that they have met the needs of its clients, OSI Food Solutions has established 65 facilities internationally. The company is also listed as a privately owned corporation. There are also other food processing firms that have gained a lot from the resources present at OSI. The firm is also very responsive, and they have also attained an excellent reputation worldwide.

Although OSI Food Solutions has been ranked as a leading corporation internationally, the corporation was once a butchery situated in Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was the man who established the butcher shop. Despite not knowing that his business would turn into a multinational entity, he forged on, and he even began to work closely with his sons in the meat business. While working with Arthur and Harry, his two sons, Kolschowsky changed the name of the company to Otto & Sons.

The business was growing tremendously since they were offering quality meat to their clients. After forming a symbiotic business relationship with McDonald’s, the company would make more money since they were supplying more meat products. Since Otto & Sons was determined to maintain the working relationship with McDonald’s, they started utilizing other forms of technology including cryogenic freezing. The nitrogen would ensure that the meat was frozen during the transport process. As a result, OSI Food Solutions was always able to deliver quality meat products that were also fresh despite the long distance from the food processing plants.

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