The Value of Talkspace


Talkspace is an innovative mobile application created to help individuals with mental health issues that have therapy without being physically present with a therapist. The success was needed because it was something that was new to the world and grew to make an impact on individuals that needed assistance. Mental Health is the way the brain thinks, our behavior, and the emotional sector of an individual. Talkspace is provided to both Apple and Android users. Clients have to be at least 18 years of age. The clients are paired with licensed therapists depending on the matching criteria. Access is also granted for clients that have a tablet or computer. Even though Talkspace is a mobile device; the therapist guarantee that client confidentiality is still kept and privacy is protected in order to make sure that the client’s well-being is the first priority to the therapist. Check out this article of talkspace at

Talkspace Review

People that have used Talkspace states that the monthly subscription rate is better than other forms of online counseling organizations. Talkspace clients talk about how it is less expensive to use Talkspace other than going into an actual counseling office to meet therapists physically. The assessment process is sometimes the most difficult process of counseling services and obtaining the appropriate services needed in order to get the help needed. Unlike other online counseling services, Talkspace’s assessment process allows more interacting with a live chat therapist. The therapist will help through the process to get you to the correct resource needed to get the client signed up. If the client tries to do the assessment on their own then confusion may occur. The live chat therapist is also available to assist. A key aspect that clients enjoy is the quick responses that are given in like than 24 hours or less. Read :

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