Vijay Eswaran and Thriving Companies

Vijay Eswaran would conduct an analysis and also see that a specific company is not hurting for cash, although a better cash position would provide more safety.

Where does the dividend come from?

We know that dividends are corporate earnings that companies distribute to their common stockholders.

Dividends can happen in a variety of ways. An entity can distribute these through additional shares, through cash, or through other forms of property. Dividends can be given over a long horizon with different forms of payout rates.

But why does a company give dividends?

Well, one reason is because of the nature of the company.

One corporation that is at a later stage of its life may not expect to have significant stock growth and because of this the company just might go ahead give out dividends. The company would have strong cash flows, it would have regular and consistent profits and would also continue to stay steady throughout the years. See, in the early stages, a company would not have reinvested a significant portion of its earnings, it is able to operate on its own and would not need to expand.

Investors who don’t want risk would also buy and hold the company because of the same factors. The company would be stable and would serve as a foundation. The corporation would provide steady yields in dividends while keeping the principal within an appropriate range thus keeping principal intact.

Dividends also show that the company is strong and is in a great position to provide more value to the market and to the different people involved in the company. Dividends can show that the company feeds its members while also having more than enough to give to shareholders.

Vijay Eswaran dives deep into these concepts because he is a chairman and a leader overall in his companies. Read more about Vijay Eswaran:

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