Warren Wages A Million Dollar Charity Bet

Working to combat the constant turns of the financial industry, investors have struggled to find a permanent solution. As young working Americans collectively place longterm money aside in accounts or financial funds, the threat of loosing potential capital is always there.

Some investors such as Tim Amour believe the key to long-term financial growth is complex. Whether individuals save aggressively or conservatively, 401K packages and other investment opportunities bring hope. Tim believes long-term investing will yield the greatest financial growth over time.

Serving as the CEO and current Chairman of Capital Group, Timothy holds an impressive 30 plus years of investment experience. Managing accounts for Capital Group, Tim has overseen portfolios totaling over a million dollars.

Tim explained the importance of staying afloat in market down turns. Performing above competitors despite the market allows investors to “build a better nest”.

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Global entrepreneur and businessman, Warren Buffet has recently waged a million dollar charity bet for national investors. Warren believes he can stimulate longterm financial growth by simply investing in S&P 500 passive index fund. By simply investing in a lower priced funds, individuals can expect a greater and longer lasting financially secure investment. Warren has dedicated a vast amount of time and knowledge explaining the importance of “bottom-up” investments. Lower priced investments would generally create a less risk. Safety and security is the goal for all new and young investors. However, smaller investments will turn smaller rewards according to established financial investors.

Although there is no way of telling which funds will outperform the next, experience and time has helped establish a long list of successful investors. Techniques are applied to help predict and ensure a greater gain for all involved in investing funds. With Warren wagering a million dollar bet, other investors will wait patiently to see the outcome of Warren’s particular investment technique.

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