What Demands For Women’s Hair Care Products Include Today

Today we see many products going the Netflix route as ala carte orders, and that includes everything from entertainment streaming services to fashion and even cosmetics. Hair care products are no exception and many consumers want them customized so that they become more personalized for various hair types. Some hair care product merchants are starting to use the Amazon way of selling to customers by studying demographic preferences and even using feedback on social media to see how they can make their product better. One brand that’s done the job quite well both in quality and using data analytics to know customers is WEN by Chaz, a hair care product line created by a Los Angeles based cosmetician and entrepreneur.

The man who came up with WEN by Chaz is Chaz Dean, someone whose LA salon has been visited by many Hollywood celebrities over the years. According to wiktionary.org, he grew up in a family who specialized in arts and crafts, and he wanted to create his own art originally through photography. But as he delved into photography, he found he wanted to do more to fix the appearance of the people he photographed, and that led him to pursue cosmetics. Chaz would attend a cosmetics school, start out working for another salon owner, and eventually start his own shop where he figured out the organic formula that his products currently use.

One thing Chaz Dean emphasizes is that WEN by Chaz is never ever tested on animals, and those who know him know he is a big animal lover who’s adopted several puppies. The WEN by Chaz products are sold in three flavors of lavender, pomegranate and sweet almond mint, and people who’ve reviewed it have talked about its effect of thicker and softer hair. Usually the WEN by Chaz products are bought online, but sometimes you can find them in the Sephora store. Learn about the 7 Best Wen Products — and the 2 Worst here. For more hair care tips, check out the Wen YouTube channel, follow Wen – @wenhaircare.



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