White Shark Media-A Wave Of The Future

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency designed to deliver to small and mid-sized businesses marketing solutions online. The agency was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs who are very experienced with online and offline marketing. According to the CEO of White Shark Media, Alexander Nygart, the agency has helped thousands of companies nationwide by utilizing their online marketing strategies as well as a hosts of their exclusive marketing tools.

The ultimate goal of White Shark Media is to conquer the ever growing SMB market not only nationwide, but also in Latin America as well. This is accomplished by providing and delivering a service and a product which has never been done before. The winning combination of White Shark Media is that of being a foreign and domestic presence coupled with a fully talented and bilingual staff. Everything that the staff has learned over their years of experience with White Shark Media they pass along to their valued clients and customers. The first client of White Shark Media has remained a client after three years of continued development and advancement. Today, White Shark Media has over one hundred fifty employees worldwide.

In 2012, due to their rapid growth, Google assigned to White Shark Media a designated support team in order to completely balance their growth with the needs of their clients. The combination of Google with White Shark Media resulted in White Shark Media being awarded Premier Partnership with Google in July of 2014. Because such Partners must meet Google’s most intensive eligibility requirements, very few agencies have received this highest honor and recognition. Like Google, Microsoft, also, acknowledged the reality of White Shark Media’s successful track record in the past as well as their continual achievement using their marketing plans for small businesses. This resulted in talks of forming a partnership with Microsoft as well.

Digital Marketing is a competitive and lucrative field. To achieve growth and success requires commitment, experience, and innovation. White Shark Media is dedicated to the continued success of their clients. For this reason, the agency will continue to be creative with their profitable marketing solutions.


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