Who is James Dondero?

As a businessman, James Dondero never leaves his businesses to chance. He has mastered the art of learning from his competitors and bettering what they do. This is the reason why James Dondero is very active on social media platforms to engage with his clients. He also uses these platforms to address customer complaints and talk about his services to his customers. At the moment, James Dondero is known for his prowess in portfolio management as well as hedge funds and alternative investment. For his undergraduate degree, James Dondero went for a degree in commerce where he specialized in finance and accounting. These are skills that have proven very important in his illustrious career.

Among the ventures he is credited with establishing is Highland Capital Management back in the year 1993. However, he could not manage this feat alone as he required the help of a college friend known as Mike Okada. Since then, the business has traded on the Wall Street and has spread over the globe. For instance, Highland Capital Management has offices in New York City, Dallas and Singapore. Its corporate headquarters are found in Dallas, Texas. His role at Highland Capital Management is dealing with distressed investment funds, fixed income as well as structured investment. A recent article explained that James Dondero currently manages assets worth over $19 billion. He also specializes in structured products, high yield bonds as well as leveraged loans. Under his watch, Highland Capital Management employs over 100 people both in America and abroad.

Philanthropy is another area that James Dondero has specialized in. Among the causes he focusses on include social welfare and philanthropy. For instance, he recently made a donation of one million dollars to a charitable organization from Texas known as the Family Place. James Dondero also promised to give donations equivalent to 50 percent of what the foundation would collect. With the Dallas Zoo, James Dondero made a donation of one million dollars that would be used to construct a hippo zoo. Other charitable organizations that James Dondero has been involved with include Education is Freedom, Uplift Education as well as Capital for Kids.

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